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Big wave crashes wedding reception in Hawaii




Waves Crash Wedding at Hawaii Coastal Resort

A wedding party was left drenched on Saturday, July 16, when powerful waves crashed over a sea wall at a resort on Hawaii’s Big Island and swept through the reception area.Footage of the moment captured by wedding guest Kenneth Bergstrom shows people watch cautiously as a large wave made its way toward the shore. As the wave nears the sea wall separating the wedding party from the ocean, attendees try to run away, but many get soaked by the water.Posting on Instagram after the wedding, the bride, Riley Carson Murphy, said that despite the high surf “sweeping away half of our reception,” she and her husband Dillon Murphy enjoyed a “memorable night” surrounded by the people they love.“What would have been considered a disaster a day ago turned into a beautiful union of family and friends helping to rearrange our reception in the most perfect way,” Carson Murphy wrote. “Life isn’t always predictable and I can’t wait to ride every high and every low with my new husband.” Credit: Kenneth Bergstrom via Storyful


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