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A Boston mother slammed her son’s school for calling her to pick him up when he was having a stroke instead of dialing 911


ws reported” class=”link “>Boston 25 News reported. According to the report, his mother, Alishia, who was ill, said the nurse called and asked her to pick him up because she did not think he was suffering from a stroke.

“Your professional eye may not see the stroke,” Hicks, whose family has a history of strokes, told the outlet. “It’s not visible, but if he’s telling you he is weak on his left side, please, at this point, I’m pleading with all intensity that I could muster up with no voice. Please get my son to the hospital, please.”

D’Andre was transported to a local hospital and received medical treatment. Hicks told Boston 25 News that while in the hospital, her son said: “I can’t believe they didn’t believe me.”

According to CBS News, Boston School Superintendent Brenda Cassellius apologized to Hicks for what happened. Additionally, the district responded to the incident and released a statement emphasizing that their concern is “first with the health and well-being of this student,” the outlet reported.

“We are glad to hear he is recovering well,” the statement continued, per the out